The Namibian escarpment forms the transition from the Namib Desert into the central highland. The escarpment presents itself in extremely spectacular landscapes, hunting in the semi-desert-like surroundings must be considered a hunting delicacy. We hunt areas along the Namibian escarpment; as well as in Namibia’s East.

Erongo Mountains

In the Erongo Mountains we hunt two adjacent areas. Kai-Uwe mainly hunts in the south-western valley of the mountains on an area of 10 000 ha (close to 25 000 acres). This is an unspoilt mountainscape; the valley floor lies at 1100 metres and the surrounding mountains reach — in at times wildly rugged fashion — up to 2300 metres above sea level. Main game species here are greater kudu, Hartmann's mountain zebra, klippspringer and gemsbok. Leopard are plentiful and occasionally black rhinoceros traverse the hunting area — rhino are not hunted of course. Warthog are scarce to absent in these longitudes, and only in exceptional cases do we hunt old boars. Black-faced impala occur in healthy numbers and on request we hunt this rare subspecies.
Accommodation in the mountains is in permanent rustic bungalows, with own bathroom. Tasty meals are served on the verandah of the main house; and the large living/ hunting room with its extensive collection of books invites for relaxation between stalks.

Hagen hunts the adjacent area on the southern rim of the Erongo Mountain range and in the diverse foothills of the mountains. It is a very diverse hunting area, and although in general less mountainous — being traversed by two large dry river seamed with lusher growth — it is not less demanding to hunt. As in Kai-Uwe's area, kudu, gemsbok and Hartmann's mountain zebra can be hunted here; additionally there is a very healthy population of springbok. Also the small antelopes like grey duiker, steenbok and Damara dik dik are hunted on very conservative quotas. Black-faced impala, leopard and brown hyena can be hunted on request and availability.
Base for the stalks is a plain tented camp in a small Leadwood-tree forest on the banks of a dry river bed with a view on the Erongo Mountains. Meals are prepared on the open fire under the starry sky — Africa-Safari-Feeling in its purest form!

Our hunting areas are part of the bigger Erongo Mountain Nature Sanctuary, a non-profit that commits to the protection and conservation of the Erongo Mountains and the surrounding foot lands in a pristine condition as possible.

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In the Tsiseb Conservancy we hunt Springbok of exceptional trophy quality, as well as Gemsbok, on the rough gravel plains at the foot of the Brandberg Mountain. Hunting base is a basic tented camp in awe-inspiring setting along a sparse dry riverbed in the desert.
For the 2021 season we also have a leopard tag available.

Eastern Namibia

In Namibia’s East we hunt on one of the characteristic Namibian open cattle farms near the White Nossob River. Hunting base is a plain tented camp, where exciting stalks on especially Warthog and Hartebeest start. Good Steenbok, Grey Duiker and Oryx can also be hunted in the picturesque surroundings of open grassland interspersed with the characteristic Camelthorn Trees.

Our hunting areas in the Erongo and Tsiseb Conservancy have received the Erongo Verzeichnis Certificate.