The Namibian escarpment is the change-over of the Namib Desert into the central highland. The escarpment presents itself in extremely spectacular landscapes, the hunt in the semi-desertlike surroundings must be considered a hunting delicacy. We hunt in two areas along the Namibian escarpment.

Erongo Mountains


Here we hunt mainly in the southwestern longitudinal valley of the mountains. Our hunting area is part of the bigger Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary. It is a rough untouched mountainscape. Main game animals are Kudu, Mountain Zebra, Klipspringer and Oryx Antelope. Furthermore Leopards are frequently seen and Black Rhinoceros occur here and there. Warthogs are scarce in this area — only in a few exceptional cases do we hunt old males. Every now and then we also hunt the rare Black-faced Impala.
Accommodation is in rustic bungalows built from rocks found in the area. The bottom of the valley lies at 1100 metres above sea level, the surrounding mountains rise up to 2300 metres.

Our hunting area has received the Erongo Verzeichnis Certificate.