For hunting we advise light, yet strong material clothes; khaki, green or brown. Also to bring along are pullover, windbreaker, light leather gloves (especially in winter months from May to late August) and most importantly a hat.
For footwear we advise light, comfortable (leather) shoes/boots with a relatively soft rubber sole and as little profile as possible to ensure silent walking and stalking. Sewn up tongue of the shoe is advisable to prevent grass seeds from entering the shoe, especially in Eastern Namibia.
The most important thing is to have shoes that are ‘walked-in’ and to train long marches for endurance. Another way to attain fitness for the mountain hunting is to take stairs instead of the elevator or even train by running up stairs.
Binoculars in the range of 8 x 30, 10 x 40 are a good choice.

In Namibian winter months (May to August) we often have low temperatures, especially at night, sometimes reaching below freezing point.

Minimum muzzle energy for most plains game in Namibia is 2700 Joules. Good calibres of choice are in the range of 7 mm/ .300/ 8x68.
Again it is of importance to rather bring along a rifle, with which one is absolutely comfortable.
40 rounds of ammunition normally suffice.

See our
checklist of stuff to bring along on a safari with African Hunting Safaris.
Please note that this only serves as a guideline to the most necessary things that may be needed.