10-Day Safari on a mature, old Kudu bull in the Erongo Mountains


The Greater Kudu is possibly one the most sought-after and majestic game species of Africa. Targeting him in untouched wilderness takes a lot of skill and the hunting of a mature Kudu bull in the grandiose mountain surroundings of the Erongo Mountains is not only a challenge, but also a unique experience.

7-Day Safari on other game species, excluding Kudu

We offer other Safaris in the Erongo Mountains, with a minimum length of 7 days. On this Safari we hunt for the “King of the desert”, the Gemsbok, the beautiful yet sturdy Mountain Zebra, and of course the Ballet dancer, the Klipspringer. We also have a limited number of Black-faced Impala we hunt every year.


10-Day Leopard Safari (2017)

We also offer the 10-Day Leopard Safari in the Erongo Mountains. Leopard are baited and hunted from a hide in this Safari.

Wounded game that can not be found in spite of extensive tracking and follow-up is considered hunted and will be charged fully.