10-Day Safari on a mature, old Kudu bull in the Erongo Mountains


The Greater Kudu is possibly one the most sought-after and majestic game species of Africa. Targeting him in untouched wilderness takes a lot of skill and the hunting of a mature Kudu bull in the grandiose mountain surroundings of the Erongo Mountains is not only a challenge, but also a unique experience.

7-Day Safari on other game species, excluding Kudu

We offer other Safaris in the Erongo Mountains, Eastern Namibia and Tsiseb Conservancy with a minimum safari length of 7 days. On this Safari we hunt for the “King of the desert”, the Gemsbok, the beautiful yet sturdy Mountain Zebra, and of course the Ballet dancer, the Klipspringer. We also have a limited number of Black-faced Impala we hunt every year.
In Eastern Namibia we mainly hunt Warthog, as well as Hartebeest, Oryx and small antelope like Grey Duiker and Steenbok.
Tsiseb Conservancy around the Brandberg in the Namib Desert can boast with exceptional trophy-quality Springbok, as well as Gemsbok.


10-Day Leopard Safari (subject to Tag allocation)

We also offer the 10-Day Leopard Safari in the Erongo Mountains and Tsiseb Conservancy. Leopard are baited and hunted from a hide in this Safari.
We only hunt leopard on a conservative quota every few years; as we aim to take out a dominant male when it approaches the end of its “reigning” period, so as to not cause excessive disturbance in the overall leopard and game populations, and the natural system at large. Of course such a male is incredibly witty and knows how to “stay alive”, making this a challenging hunt.
For the 2021 season we have a leopard tag in our Erongo Mountain hunting area, as well as a tag in the Tsiseb Conservancy that is valid for 2021.

Wounded game that cannot be found in spite of extensive tracking and follow-up is considered hunted and will be charged fully.