From 1993 to 2011 we mainly conducted Big Game Safaris in northern concessions of Namibia. Since 2012 we shifted the core of our Safaris to the Namibian escarpment, hunting the typical, indigenous plains game species. Our son Hagen, born 1992, who grew up in our various hunting camps and learned hunting from scratch, is also a professional hunter and part of African Hunting Safaris and has since set up his own hunting area at the foot of the Erongo Mountains.

With our hunting safaris we aim to offer a true nature experience that goes beyond the mere shooting of an animal. We do not want to follow the trend of general commercialisation, but rather want our hunting guests to truly
experience the unique natural setting, habitats and indigenous game species in our hunting areas.

We do not define ourselves with the number of different game species and the shooting of these or with luxury accommodation; there is no guarantee for success as we hunt very selectively and try to only hunt animals that are past their prime.
The luxury with
African Hunting Safaris is being close to nature, to really taste and live nature, to be part of nature. We hunt because it is a primal instinct, it lies in the nature of being human.

The venison is recovered completely and lands in the tasty kitchen, even when hunting in the remotest mountain regions.
Hunting with us means to be
part of nature from start to end - this is important to us.

Hunting takes place exclusively on foot or from a hide (only leopard). Hunting camps are kept modest and plain, with tasty, traditional food being served. Accommodation is either in plain bungalows or in neat tents, of course with camp shower and toilet.

We personally guide all hunts.

Resting during the recovery of venison on foot from the heights of the Erongo.