We offer different safaris in the Erongo Mountains and at the Brandberg (Tsiseb Conservancy). For our offers, please contact Kai-Uwe or Hagen.

More information on some of the huntable species below.


The greater kudu is possibly one the most sought-after and majestic game species in Africa. Pursuing him in untouched wilderness takes a lot of skill and the hunting of a mature kudu bull in the grandiose mountain surroundings of the Erongos is not only a challenge, but also a unique experience.

Also the hunt on the "king of the desert", the gemsbok, is a unique experience. To find and successfully hunt an old gemsbok bull is not a given and requires skill and endurance; reward for the hunter is the experience of the various habitats of the gemsbok in hauntingly beautiful natural surroundings.

The most frequent species in the Erongo Mountains is the Hartmanns mountain zebra, an endemic of the Namibian escarpment. We target either lone stallions or those in bachelor herds. Mares are only hunted if they are neither pregnant nor have young.
In such, there is a special appeal to find a huntable zebra, despite sighting of many zebra.

Another iconic game species is of course the ballet dancer of the mountains, the klipspringer. Keen eyed and oftentimes poising for long times, the klipspringer resembles a statue and good fitness and balance is a necessity to get within shooting distance of this antelope in its rugged habitat.

We also have a limited quota on the rare black-faced impala. The historic range of the black-faced impala is almost exclusively in Namibia: in the North-west down to the Swakop River. After black-faced impala were displaced from the area in the 20th century by livestock farming, the first animals were reintroduced into the Erongo Mountains in 1998. Since then the population of this beautiful antelope has continually grown and can be hunted on a sustainable quota in our hunting areas today.

Also other game species like grey duiker, Damara dik dik, steenbok, giraffe and brown hyena contribute to the allure of the south-western Erongo Mountains and hold the promise to make a safari here a unique experience.

At the Brandberg in the desert (Tsiseb Conservancy) the hunting emphasis is on the springbok, the only gazelle south of the Zambezi River. To experience and stalk this graceful game in the vastnesses of the Namib Desert is without equal and challenges the hunter to the extreme - and brings a deep fulfilment.


10 Days Leopard Hunt (2022)

We offer leopard hunting in the Erongo Mountains (Schlucht Private Hunting Concession). The leopard is hunted on a bait and the safari duration is 10 days.
We also have a leopard tag available in the Tsiseb Conservancy for the 2022 season.

Wounded game that can not be found in spite of extensive tracking and follow-up is considered hunted and will be charged fully.