Erongo Verzeichnis for African game animals


Kai-Uwe Denker is also the publisher of the Erongo Verzeichnis for African game animals, which aims at preserving pristine wilderness areas and hunting game animals in their natural habitat.

Hunting according to the Erongo Verzeichnis is based on the following principles:

  • in the natural, historical habitat of the specific species
  • in an area, where the game animals are able to elude the pursuits of the hunter beyond the boundaries of such an area
  • in an area where at least one of the five large african beasts of prey occurs (Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, African Wild Dog and Spotted Hyena) and evidently regulates the game populations in the specific area

Trophies of old animals receive a multiplier of 1.1 to their total scoring.
Too young trophies are disqualified.

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Kudu Population Dynamics Study

Kudu bull in fossile granite - Erongo Mountains © Hagen Denker

It is widely accepted that Kudu get diseases like the rabies epidemic due to an overpopulation, where nature subsequently tries to regulate numbers by means of diseases. We did an unofficial study on population dynamics of Kudu in the south-western Erongo Mountains.
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Kudu bull in front of granite blocks - Erongo Mountains © Hagen Denker
Kudu Hunt August 2015