Erongo Verzeichnis for African game animals

Kai-Uwe Denker is also the publisher of the Erongo Verzeichnis for African game animals, which aims at preserving pristine wilderness areas and hunting game animals in their natural habitat.

Hunting according to the Erongo Verzeichnis is based on the following principles:

  • in the natural, historical habitat of the specific species

  • in an area, where the game animals are able to elude the pursuits of the hunter beyond the boundaries of such an area

  • in an area where at least one of the five large african beasts of prey occurs (Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, African Wild Dog and Spotted Hyena) and evidently regulates the game populations in the specific area

Trophies of old animals receive a multiplier of 1.12 to their total scoring.
Too young trophies are disqualified.

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Hunting stories and other publications

Here we would like to present a few articles that have been written by hunting guests of ours or otherwise by ourselves; mainly for NAPHA’s hunting Magazine “HUNTiNAMIBIA”. Follow the links below and enjoy!

About the Spirit of the African Wilderness
(extract published in HUNTiNAMIBIA Magazine)

Elephant Hunting – Drama and Powerful Impressions - Uli’s safari was slowly nearing its end, when we had taken up the trail of a group of six bulls at the Klein Dobe Waterhole. We came up…read more

Buffalo Hunting in the Zambezi Region 2016

Eventful days at the Linyanti – In September 2016 I guided a buffalo hunt for my friend and colleague Felix in the Bamunu Conservancy. The Bamunu Conservancy in Namibia’s Zambezi Region…read more

Kudu Hunt 2015

Excitement all the way - In August 2015 I was back in Namibia. This time I wanted to hunt for a mature old kudu bull in the Erongo Mountains. Together withread more

Springbuck Hunt

The core of hunting - The old Land Rover rattles through the night over the gravel road. The red shimmer of the campfire beckons from afar. We haveread more


Nature’s ballet - I took my first klipspringer when I was nine or ten years old. Early one morning my father and I scaled the granite ridge behind our house. At the top…read more

The nature of Kudu

The king of the dry bushveld and the rugged mountains - Camouflage is the essence of its nature.
In 1908 Dr Arthur Berger and his long-standing friends, Captain Roth and Baron von Donner, undertook an extensive hunting and research expedition
read more


Nature’s ultimate hunter - Herbivores as well as carnivores are descended from insect eating ancestors which evolved some 65 million years ago, soon after dinosaurs became extinct…read more

About unspoiled wilderness

To look a wild lion in the face - During the recent CITES Conference of Parties in Johannesburg it so happened that I was seated in the row behind the delegation of the Humane Society, all of who, like many other representatives, had placed a soft toy lion

…read more

Kudu Population Dynamics Study

Kudu bull in fossile granite - Erongo Mountains © Hagen Denker

It is widely accepted that Kudu get diseases like the rabies epidemic due to an overpopulation, where nature subsequently tries to regulate numbers by means of diseases. We did an unofficial study on population dynamics of Kudu in the south-western Erongo Mountains.

Read more about this study here